Wellness Packages

We have tailored our services to offer post pandemic therapies. At Cocoon, we believe in a 360 approach to wellness, your Cocoon consultant will work with you to find the best resources based on your concerns and preferences.

Understanding  detoxification and how to detox  safely from fasting, weight loss, and regaining energy and recognising toxins not only in food but those that can be absorbed through the skin.

How to manage stress and the impact stress has on the gut known as the second brain – as well as avoiding those foods that can lead to inflammation. 

How to include Diaphragmatic Breathing (Belly Breathing) into your day and when symptoms of anxiety and stress start to surface. 

Mindfulness practice to switch off from the hectic life of everyday and to focusing attention inwards. In mindfulness practice, you will learn to use the breath to create more inner peace and calm. By connecting to the breath, inner emotions initially may run high as disconnect from upsetting thoughts, emotions, and other stressors that disrupt inner peace take practice and over time becomes easier and more calming.

  • Meta awareness the mind to think and less wandering – The practice of meta cognitive insight in line with mediation and mindfulness to all observation of thoughts, awareness, and feelings as they are happening. 
  • Motivations and goals 12-week program – Tailored accountability coaching to meet clients needs, target driven program to support clients to work through their challenges but also keep them on track in meeting there goals with accountability awareness and acceptance from the client. 
  • The science of self-awarenessApplying the approach of Sailboat Metaphor; a science-based method of psychology to address well-being. Comparing human functioning to a sailboat and its journey how to incorporate the metaphor by identifying the symptoms and consequences of conditional self-worth. 

    Learn how to be more compassionate and acceptance of oneself avoiding low self-esteem. Look at the various forms of motivational approaches which can be applied to help with self-improvement.

Understanding the event is it COVID 19 and the fear of catching the virus lead to a series of emotional reactions.

How to support a healthy gut and understand the impact of good nutrition, mindfulness and your environment as well as building the support needed for a strong immune system. 

Learn how to practice gratitude daily and incorporate this into your daily life without it feeling like another task or chore.

Full lifestyle program to cover diet, fitness, tailored therapy/coaching to keep on track, apply the importance of diet, fitness and therapy as one to support overall mental and physical wellbeing.

One-off session to tweak areas that need some work client specific. 

Understanding and applying a balanced diet and look to reduce the risks of disease associated with a poor diet. Hormone production and impact our diet has on our hormones and superfoods for health.

Preventive measures to understand stress triggers working towards strategics to prevent burnout and achieving that work life balance.

Full lifestyle program to cover diet, fitness, tailored therapy/coaching to keep on track, apply the importance of diet, fitness, and therapy as one to support overall mental and physical wellbeing. 

Self-awareness and knowledge about self-control and how not to focus energy on situations we cannot control.

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