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Holistic Oasis Retreat: Stress Reset and Burnout Recovery

Holistic Oasis Retreat: Stress Reset and Burnout Recovery

Step into a 7-day retreat hosted by Cocoon Mode De Vie at the tranquil Zulal Wellness Resort in the heart of Qatar.

From 22nd to 28th April, you are invited to join us as we journey through an expertly crafted itinerary to help overcome stress, overwhelm, fatigue and burnout. Restore and relax your mind, body, and spirit as you adopt sustainable lifestyle changes that will revitalise you from the inside out.

Middle East Medicine meets Far East Expertise: This exclusive retreat offers a unique blend of classic wellness wisdom and modern therapies. Zulal Wellness Resort, a pioneering destination in the Middle East, harmoniously integrates Traditional Arabic & Islamic Medicine with the comprehensive health and wellbeing philosophy of Chiva-Som, a globally acclaimed wellness resort.

Personalised Programme for Tailored Wellbeing: Begin your time at Zulal with a comprehensive Health & Wellness Consultation, during which one of the resort’s Health & Wellness Advisors will guide you in curating a tailored programme for your stay. Select from a variety of daily therapies, fitness options, holistic treatments and physiotherapy offerings to create your own unique wellness schedule.

Transformative Therapies for Tension Release: Unravel the tension you are carrying from head to toe with daily therapies including relaxing Al Qadam foot massage and full body Tadleek massage, as well as transformative options such as Reiki, Hijama Cupping and Al Batin Abdominal massage. Leave no stone unturned in your quest for a complete physical and mental reset.

Informative Discussions Designed to Empower: Benefit from informative talks from experts on the topics of the mind-gut connection, exploring the gut’s role as our second brain, immune cell integration, and stress management, as well as how to navigate post-pandemic challenges such as remote work fatigue, lack of motivation, extended work hours, and the impact on physical and emotional well-being.

Innovative Fitness for Mind and Body: Nourish from the inside out with a wide range of fitness options. Ground yourself in the established practices of Pranayama Breathing, Meditation and Hatha Yoga one day, and adventure into Watsu Aquatic Training and Reformer Pilates the next. Take your physical reset one step further with innovative physio practices including Tecar Therapy and Infrared Capsule sessions.

Immerse in Sustainable Serenity: Zulal Wellness Resort prioritises sustainability by minimising energy use and maximising sustainable resources. Guests are immersed in nature, fostering their own wellbeing while actively sharing and promoting the resort’s dedication to protecting the environment.

Your pathway to restoration of mind and body awaits on the coastline of Qatar. Enquire today and let Cocoon Mode De Vie, in partnership with Zulal, guide you towards a renewed sense of inner balance and physical wellbeing.


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