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A Sustainable Life on The Sea

A Sustainable Life on The Sea

With World Ocean Day on the horizon, we’re highlighting how our eco-friendly yachts and sustainable boats are making life on the sea more environmentally friendly than ever before.

Eco-friendly power-yachts reduce CO2 emissions through a variety of practices, particularly the use of green technologies such as ‘solar skin’ and electric or hybrid engines. By integrating these features with a sleekly designed interior, they bring sustainability and luxury together, allowing you to explore the world’s oceans in a low-impact way.

Traditional sailing yachts have also been re-imagined as eco-friendly vessels. Already harnessing wind power, their use of recyclable sails, electric engines and solar power ensure your life on the waves is supported by practices that are environmentally friendly.

Whether you’re on a sailing yacht, power-yacht or another type of sustainable boat, there are a range of non-impactful practices used to ensure that the oceans are protected. Use of biodiesel and disposing of black and grey water are examples of such practices, alongside avoiding air pollution, reducing waste and avoiding unnecessary fuel usage.

At Cocoon, our accommodation services can transport you to locations across the world’s most beautiful oceans, sourcing coastal and bay side homes that are designed to enhance and support your wellbeing. Whether you’re looking for bareboat or crewed charters, we partner with sustainable accommodation services that ensure unique experiences across a range of listed global destinations.

If you’re thinking of exploring the seas this summer, why not look at our accommodation services today?