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A Look at the World’s Greenest Accommodation

A Look at the World’s Greenest Accommodation

Cocoon’s eco-friendly accommodation blends luxury with sustainability, providing travellers with a green solution to long-term stays. Often the product of high-quality innovation, the spaces we offer are designed with a conscience; offering travellers a calm, restful retreat from an otherwise hectic world.

In addition to helping clients source eco-friendly accommodation – including country estates, rural villas and shoreline apartments – Cocoon also works alongside interior designers to ensure our accommodations provide the right balance of green and calm.

Eco-houses like Haycroft Gardens demonstrate the type of balance we strive to attain. Nestled within a hidden plot of land in suburban North-London, this multi-generational home is designed to evolve with the changing needs of its residents. It is energy-efficient, open plan and encompasses an ornate garden, offering guests a truly unique way to escape the surrounding city.

Green accommodation can also be flexible, as well as sustainable and calm. The W.I.N.D. House in Holland offers this to its long-term occupants, integrating automation and sustainable living. The building’s design responds to both its rural location and the change of seasons, with a comprehensive home automation system that enables control of its solar panels.

This level of innovation isn’t entirely unique to The W.I.N.D. House, with The Underground House at Villa Vals, Switzerland, presenting guests with equally impressive architectural features. Offering stunning views of the valley, the house itself is dug into a mountainside, fully immersing its occupants in the unspoiled nature surrounding it. The nearby village offers a glimpse of the future of sustainability, with the possibility of producing sustainable energy through the Zervreila hydroelectric plant.

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