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The Ethos Behind Cocoon Mode de Vie

The Ethos Behind Cocoon Mode de Vie

Balancing work and wellness can be challenging, especially when you’re on the move. 

For businesswoman Sarah Morrissey, managing her health and fitness alongside a busy international lifestyle inspired her to create Cocoon Mode de Vie, a service designed to provide people with everything they need to effectively manage their overall wellbeing while on the move. 

The relationship between happiness and a healthy, stress-free existence is at the heart of Cocoon’s philosophy. To achieve this our services take a holistic, bespoke approach to a range of wellness needs, tending to the body and mind through a 360 approach to lifestyle management.

The essence of this method is encapsulated by the phrase ‘Mode de Vie’, which translates to ‘way of life.’ ‘Cocoon’ evokes the feeling of being present following a period of nurturing.



Regardless of time-zone, location or the demands of your current lifestyle, Cocoon’s wellness programmes recognise that your needs are unique. For this reason, we offer bespoke services based on personal insights, providing treatments from a range of experts through our virtual wellness clinic.

Cocoon’s holistic services are rooted in environmentally-friendly practices and sustainability. By actively seeking out partners who are recognised for making positive contributions to their community, we offer members a range of programmes in locations where luxury spaces endeavour to be socially and environmentally responsible. 

By curating a mind-body approach to wellness through a sustainable, international framework, Cocoon offers its members a unique, conscientious approach to managing their wellbeing.

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